DevOps Architect with AWS-Onsite 15+ Years Only -NYC (preference 1)/ Delaware/Columbus/Plano

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Role – DevOps Architect with AWS
Experience – 15+ Years Location – NYC (preference 1)/ Delaware/Columbus/Plano

No of roles : 1

Job Description :  Background

The CCB Cloud Enablement team is supporting Digital applications migrating onto AWS through 2023 with common observability and resiliency tools and processes


• The application teams need support and guidance in implementing observability around infrastructure and their application on AWS. This involves integrating with the JPMC tools with appropriate logging, metrics, alerts and dashboards

• The application teams need support and guidance in resiliency testing their architecture on AWS to demonstrate resiliency before they are permitted to operate in production


• Aid application teams in implementing a complete observability solution to include:

o Integration logging, events, metrics, and alerts with Datadog, Dynatrace and Splunk and appropriate dashboards

o Integration alerts with Mission Control systems for incident response

Aid application teams with resiliency testing planning, automation and execution:

• Participate in or run Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) assessments to identify and prioritize failure scenarios for the application architectures planned on AWS

。 Document test scenarios for expected FMEA failure scenarios to test solution response, observability and expected team responses to the failure

。 Automate failure test scenarios using Gremlin and custom scripting

• Plan and execute gamedays to test failure scenarios with application teams and record observations on outcomes experienced, distribute and present results to all target audiences

• Work with application teams to evolve architecture to mitigate any unexpected findings from resiliency testing


Dilip Kumar 

Senior IT Recruiter

Phone: 925 567 1679

 Email: [email protected] 




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