Looking for lead Salesforce Developer/ Architect – Denver, CO – Remote

Note: Must be local to Colorado
We have opening with State client.
Role: lead Salesforce Developer/ Architect 
Location: Denver, CO
Any visa workable.






















Proficient (4-6 Years)








Development – Code


Salesforce development


Proficient (4-6 Years)









2.1.          The Department’s Contract Project Manager for this project is Lisa Steffen, CDE Accountability Reporting and Special Projects Manager

2.2.          The Contractor shall work closely and collaboratively with Department’s Project Manager to discuss suggestions or issues as they occur and incorporate suggestions or guidance from the Department while performing the work described within this Statement of Work and the purchase order.

2.3.          The Contractor shall work closely and collaboratively with the Department's Information Management Services division (IMS) about Department coding standards, configuration management controls, quality assurance processes and information security. Additionally, collaboration is expected with IMS's business intelligence unit for any planned transition of data to, storing of data within, or reporting of data from the Department's Data Warehouse.

2.4.          The Contractor shall be required to be available for meetings with CDE staff between 7am – 5pm MT. 

2.5.          The Contractor shall coordinate and prioritize all work to ensure that all deliverables and deadlines are met.

2.6.          The Contractor shall employ an internal quality control process to ensure that all deliverables are complete, accurate, easy to understand, and of high quality. 

2.7.          The Contractor shall provide deliverables that, at a minimum, are responsive to the specific requirements, organized into a logical order, contain no spelling or grammatical errors, formatted uniformly, and contain accurate information and correct calculations. 

2.8.          The Contractor shall submit each Deliverable to the Department’s Project Manager for review and approval.

2.9.          The Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the project and project acceptance. 

2.10.       The Contractor shall participate in the Deliverable review and revision process, until the Department provides written acceptance of the Deliverable.

2.11.       The Contractor shall provide copies of any supporting documentation to the Department upon request of the Department and without charge.

2.12.       The Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voicemails and e-mail inquiries from the Department within one (1) business day.

2.13.       The Contractor shall enable all Contractor staff to exchange documents and electronic files with the Department staff in formats compatible with the Department’s systems.  The Department currently uses Microsoft Office 2010 for PC.



3.1.          The Contractor shall:

3.1.1.               Assist CDE in reviewing UIP and related custom objects within the Salesforce instance in order to determine opportunities for modification, code clean up, and inform the structural design. 

3.1.2.               Design and implement modifications to the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) object and associated custom objects, CDE Feedback object, Technical Assistance and associated custom objects, Accreditation and Request to Reconsider objects, and any other custom objects as directed and/or requested by CDE. 

3.1.3.               Create, based on design discussions with the Project Manager, new custom objects related to tracking and storing State Board actions. 

3.1.4.               Design and implement modifications to existing VisualForce pages and Apex components related to the UIP and associated custom objects.

3.1.5.               Validate and promote custom code into the production environment, including code coverage. 

3.1.6.               Submit detailed status reports or participate in weekly status meetings as required by the Department during the engagement.

3.1.7.               Attend required meetings with the required project stakeholders as directed by the Department. These meetings will be scheduled by a Department employee. All questions and communication should go through the Project Manager. If the Project Manager is not available they will recommend a Department employee for the communication.

3.1.8.               Alert the Project Manager when issues or potential risks are encountered that will affect the project.

3.1.9.               Provide documentation to the Project Manager.  This documentation must provide details on the work provided and at a level a Department employee (e.g., business user) can interpret and understand in order to support the work at the expiration of this Purchase Order, once the salesforce developer is no longer available to CDE.






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