Post Jobs, Resumes and Hot-list’s easily with POST JOB and POST HOTLIST tabs. You can POST 100’s of Jobs, Resumes or Hotlists in a single day by a single Recruiter.

EMAIL:- While Posting you have to provide your email-id, its mandatory. This mail-id will not be submitted with the posting – but suppose any posting goes without contact details then we provide from ourselves – which we collect it from your side in the admin section.

TAGs:- Here Tags are used with “#”. For example #Java #Developer #Analyst #Admin #California #W2 #H1. Don’t use commas in between – its not needed. Tags are not needed unless you wanted them. They give some strength to the posting – it becomes little easy for an organic search.

UPLOAD IMAGES:- While Posting uploading images are not at all necessary. If you want to give your own Image while posting (like your company logo, hotlist image, etc.) then you should use it. Otherwise by default we provide our own image.

LINKs:- While Posting Job / Hotlist don’t embed links in the content. You can simply use website name but don’t embed link into the content. For example (this is good), but don’t use like this (link embedded into the content). You can easily remove the links before posting by Edit/Insert Link. These links we remove it manually or by other way. There’s no use of links here in this website. In many posts we see people use Linkedin links. Don’t use them. All types of links are removed from the site.

SHARING OPTIONS:- SHARE your Jobs Posts easily to 100’s of Social Media Platforms. It is given at the end of the each post with all social icons. Sometimes they are not visible – so just refresh it 3-4 times – it will be visible. The image below shows how they are horizontally displayed after the Job post.

JobCvPosting itself shares all your posts in multiple social media platforms. It gives a boost to all your postings – which helps in finding the Right Job for the Right Candidate in a shorter period of time.

SEARCH TAB:- You can see this on the Right-Up side. Anybody can search for Jobs / Hotlists / Resumes in this bar. All the Posts will not be older than 60 days. The Posts which are older than 60 days will be removed. Just search in the tab with the technology name. For example simply type Java Developer / .Net Developer / Scrum Master or a better search like Java Developer California / Scrum Master NewJersey. There will be few posts matching the search will come up and go to the post and see the contact details of the recruiter and try to get in touch with him.

VENDOR LIST:- Please update your mail id in Update Vendor list – so that Recruiters/Bench Sales people can get in touch with you. The List will be easily copied and pasted. The List is updated on a daily basis at the end of the day. We keep on updating the list till the month end and then a separate for the next month will be displayed with the old one. Maximum of 3 months of fresh list we maintain it. So please cooperate with us. Its useful for everybody.

CONTACT DETAILS:- If a post do not have contact details (either mail id/phone no.) – then we can’t help that post. If you forget to add the contact details – just add in the comment section or Repost with contact details. We will later update it in the post. Always add email/phone no. in your Job description. Recently we added EMAIL while posting. So we add the emails within 10 hrs of the Job posting – if any post goes without contact details.

TITLEs:- How to put Titles while posting a Job / Hotlist/RESUME. For Job Posting simply put Technology – Location. For Hotlist Posting simply put HOTLIST – Your Company Name and for Resume posting put RESUME then technology.

EMAIL LINK:- While posting your Requirement – you are prompted to fill the Email column, this is because 5% of the daily Postings are posted without any contact details. So we are trying our best to collect some type of details from the Job Poster. So now when you complete the Job post – you will see that a EMAIL link is provided at the end of the post. when you click that link you can access the email id of the Job poster.

For Mobile users the EMAIL link is easily opened, but many times the EMAIL link doesnt open in Desktop. For Desktop users you need to just install Outlook / Hummingbird / other than Gmail. After that its easily accessible for Desktop users. Generally Recruiters dont have any problem because they use Outlook all the time. But for Candidates they need to install Outlook or something other than Gmail or you can easily access it from Mobile.

CATEGORIES:- While posting your Requirements – you have to provide the Category of the POST. There are three Categories – JOBS, HOTLIST and RESUME. Select the category to which the your Post belongs. If you are posting a Job then select JOB, for Hotlist select HOTLIST from the Category.